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How are students at JCC protected while using Google email and Google apps?

  1. The students’ school email accounts will ONLY work to email other JCC students, JCC staff, and their own parents. Students can not use their school account to contact anyone else.  Students will not receive emails for anyone outside of the school system, either. All email address not associated with the school are blocked.
  2. There is a filter on all student email accounts that will flag inappropriate language and notify the technology staff. When students are caught using inappropriate language, school staff will address concerns with that student.
  3. Because the JCC uses a Google account set up specifically for students, no advertisements are displayed within the Google apps.

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Why do we use Google Accounts?

Some of the school projects that your child will work on will use Google apps such as Google Docs. Google Docs and other Google tools allow students to:

  1. save their work securely online so that they can access it anywhere there is internet services. Many of the Google documents can also be accessed on their iPad without internet availability. This is a convenient way for them to work on their assignments (no more forgetting your homework at school or home).
  2. collaborate with other students from their class by sharing their work. Students are able to work together on projects in real time without being in the same room/building. Students are only able to share their work with others in the JCC domain (other JCC students and teachers from JCC).
  3. Students are able to “hand-in” their work to JCC teachers electronically (no more forgetting your work in your locker or at home).


Why would my child be signed up for a Google email?

In order for your child to use the Google apps, tools, documents,  they must have a Google account. In order to sign them up for the secure Google education account, we must assign them a Google email.


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